About me

Who am I and what exactly am I doing here?

Born and raised in the Münsterland region of Germany, this area is my home. I grew up close to the city of Münster in Senden and started the quest of trying to find a place for me in this world. After passing a job training in Thuringia and getting a Bachelor’s degree in Osnabrück in business I could not make the transition into job world. Things were either too boring for me or too suffocating. Someday I discovered my creative interest and started painting.


My first published painting

I explored, fought my doubts, became better and just tried to put the ideas that I got while going for walks, meditating, showering or laying in bed on the canvas.

And I started giving paintings away. The first one was a gift to a friend of mine, then I sold a set of pieces that already contained my future logo 🙂



Then I got the first orders, started painting on request.


My first order

After amassing a lot of pieces I wanted to use elements of those paintings to create designs for shirts. So I got my textile colors, my brush and my iron for the finish and started working in my small Münster basement.

And now I have three shops! If you like something or just want to support a local artist I am happy about every order. I also would appreciate you following me on Instagram. On @ritzbydavid you will find all my paintings and some new designs from time to time. I am also looking into new creative projects. I am excited about what I will come up with next!

Stay creative, guys!