Here you find my designs!


Hey Guys!


My name is David Ritzmann and I am the founder of RITZbydavid.

A few years ago I started with painting. After a while it felt natural that I wanted to use elements of my paintings for designs on shirts and other clothing and accessories.

At first I hand-painted shirts and caps in my small atelier in the basement of my apartment. I still do that with some designs from time to time because it is a lot of fun. Now I have three shops online.

Everything here are my ideas which come to my mind while laying in bed and not being able to sleep, while cleaning the apartment or while biking.

I hope that my work gives you as much pleasure as it gives me and maybe sparks creative inspiration in yourself. Everybody has creativity in themselves.

Please look at “News” for information about what I am up to at the moment.

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  • Portraits for Mensa International

    Mensa International (MI) poses as a parent organisation for the national Mensas that exist now in more than 50 countries. Those Mensas do not communicate as much as possible with each other, all of them are seperate entities and not very well linked. MI wanted to give them a little push by asking members of different national Mensas what Mensa means to them. The members sent a portrait with those quotes and those were combined to a share pic for social media. The hashtag #mensasociety was also used. Another example for good teamwork here. Thank you!


  • Christmas with Mensa in Germany

    Admittedly a little late I show you the advent calendar for the Facebook page of Mensa Germany that I designed together with a friend. For this we put together a mix of ten questions about Christmas and the past year and ten fun facts about holiday celebrations. The “Klugscheißer-Taube”, translated meaning something like the smartass pigeon, that my friend drew for Mensa a while ago was used again, this time in a Christmas version. We also had two lotteries for vouchers on the 6th and the 24th of December. Considering the design, we modified the currently used social media design of Mensa Germany, giving it a look fitting for Christmas. Once again I would like to thank Mensa Germany for giving me the opportunity to work creatively.


  • My work as a speechwriter

    Recently I have been asked by the party AAA (Anerkennung für alle Ausländer) to write a speech for their candidate for president of the integrational council of the city of Münster. In the preceeding election AAA was able to replicate their last result and secured three seats in council. For this election I designed handouts and posters. In communication they chose a very direct, honest approach.

    AAA decided on a very progressive way by choosing Clarissa Naujok as their nominee. Clarissa is a woman of color from Cameroon who has no academic background. She has been in Germany for almost 20 years working for example as a dishwasher in a restaurant close by the city hall. She held her speech completely in German even though her mother tongue is English. And she was successful by becoming third substitute for the president of the council, in doing so being the first woman of color in that position. Writing the speech and preparing her for this was very fun and I hope to do more of this in the future!

  • My work for Mensa in Deutschland e.V.

    In the last weeks and months Mensa, the club for gifted individuals, gave me the opportunity to be creative and realize my own ideas. Firstly I came up with a visual identity that would fit the requirements concerning the logo and the CI.

    The logo needed to be on a plain background. That way the Mensa-Bookmark was created that we now use throughout our publications in marketing and social media. Besides the social media posts we also created stickers with the new visual identity, partly using Canva and partly using my designs. Working with this is fun and I also appreaciate that they give me some space to come up with new stuff. Also, the team has a lot of ideas that they realize on their own. I am not the only creative person at Mensa!