My work as a speechwriter

Recently I have been asked by the party AAA (Anerkennung für alle Ausländer) to write a speech for their candidate for president of the integrational council of the city of Münster. In the preceeding election AAA was able to replicate their last result and secured three seats in council. For this election I designed handouts and posters. In communication they chose a very direct, honest approach.

AAA decided on a very progressive way by choosing Clarissa Naujok as their nominee. Clarissa is a woman of color from Cameroon who has no academic background. She has been in Germany for almost 20 years working for example as a dishwasher in a restaurant close by the city hall. She held her speech completely in German even though her mother tongue is English. And she was successful by becoming third substitute for the president of the council, in doing so being the first woman of color in that position. Writing the speech and preparing her for this was very fun and I hope to do more of this in the future!